Water and Gas Leaks

Need a qualified plumber who can accurately detect water and gas leaks in Far North Queensland?

Water and Gas Leaks

Both water leaks and gas leaks can be detrimental to both your family and friends health. Not only that, gas leaks and water leaks can harm your home, physically and financially. RDR Plumbing are licensed professionals serving Far North Queensland who have over 20 years experience on the job. We explain on this page how to spot a potential problems so you can catch them before they cause more damage to your property. If you suspect a gas leak, or a water leak, call RDR Plumbing right away to get your home repaired as soon as possible.

Water Leaks

We are able to locate and detect leaks under concrete.
Water leaks can cause costly and even irreparable damage to your home. If you have a water leak coming from the council mains, the pressure can be very strong, causing large amounts of damage quickly. These types of leaks can sometimes be easy to spot, and other times more difficult. Grey water leaks are leaks of the water exiting your home. Common problems include water leaking from around your toilet and shower, laundry or appliance leaks, and waste water drainage problems from guttering. If you spot any of the signs of water leaks or damage listed below, call RDR Plumbing in Far North Queensland to get your home plumbing fixed before the problem, or your health gets worse.

How to spot a water leak

  • Wet dampness rising up the walls
  • Small hissing sounds
  • Bad odours, wet and musty smells
  • Paint chipping or bubbling away
  • Warped and twisted cabinetry
  • Obvious water stains on ceilings floors or woodwork
  • Cracked tiles in bathroom or kitchen
  • Cracks in bricks or concrete
  • Signs of mold on the roof or floor
  • Low water pressure
  • Larger than usual water bills
  • Wet patches on your property that never dry

Gas Leaks

When it comes to Gas leaks, make sure you call a plumber who is a licensed gas fitter. Gas leaks are often hard to detect and can be quite dangerous. RDR plumbing can help you perform regular maintenance checkups to prevent gas leaks in Far North Queensland. It’s important to have your gas checked regularly to keep your friends, family and home safe. Gas leaks can harm your family’s health, and also add to your Gas bill!

How to spot a gas leak

  • Strange Odours
  • Gas Bill larger than usual

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